Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

August 1, 2019

The access, navigation and use of the website (hereinafter, the 'Website') attributes the condition of User and implies from that moment the express acceptance of all Terms of Use.

Your observance and compliance will be demandable with respect to any person who accesses, navigates or uses the Web Site. If you do not agree with the above terms, do not access, navigate or use the Web Site.

Identification of the owner of the Web Site

- Holder: Gesurbe SL (hereinafter 'Nidum'') registered in the Spanish Trade Register. Nº 1 Tomo 39915 Folio 94 Sección GNE Hoja 708916.

- Registered office: Calle Cuarta, 14 28016 Madrid (España).

- NIF: B88534839

- E-mail: .


The Terms of Use are intended to regulate access, navigation and use of the Web Site, which aims to streamline the management of rental of its users.

Nidum reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and content of these Terms of Use. The access and use of the Web Site once the Terms of Use have been modified implies the acceptance of the changes as well.

Web site usage rules

It is expressly forbidden to access, navigate and use the Web Site for any illegal or not permitted purpose, whether or not it has an economic purpose. The consequences derived from the carrying out of illegal or unauthorized practices will be the exclusive responsibility of the User.

In the event that you find any information or content on the Web Site that may be inappropriate, contrary to current regulations, or contrary to the conditions set out on the Web Site, please inform Nidum immediately through the email address . Although Nidum is committed to the quality of the information provided, it does not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided.

Nidum grants you permission to access and use the Website as set forth in these Terms of Use, provided that:

  1. You access and use the Web Site in strict compliance with these Terms of Use;
  2. You agree not to alter or modify any part of the Web Site.
  3. You agree not to access the content of the Website through any unauthorized technology or means. Access to the account is only allowed by means that imply only and exclusively the User's own interaction with the platform once he/she has been invited by the platform or when the User creates his/her account.
  4. You agree not to use the Website to infringe third party rights or the fraudulent use of this platform to avoid or infringe any other jurisdiction or regulation.
  5. You accept that you do not act without the corresponding authorization of the entity or organization that uses the platform Nidum. You also agree not to limit the use of the Website by third parties, not to engage in any other conduct that limits the use or enjoyment of Nidum by third parties, or which, as determined by Nidum, may harm Nidum or Users of the Website Nidum.
  6. .
  7. You agree not to use or run any automated system, including, but not limited to, 'robots', 'spiders', or 'offline readers' that access the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the Website's servers than a human could reasonably send for a certain period of time through the use of a conventional web browser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Nidum grants search engines permission to use spiders to copy materials from the Site for the sole purpose of creating search indexes available from Nidum materials, without permitting caching or archival copies of these materials. Nidum reserves the right to revoke this exception generally or in specific cases.
  8. You agree not to collect or collect any personal information, including account names, from the Website for commercial solicitation purposes. You may not send commercial communications to any User of the Website.
  9. To access our Website you must accept the Privacy Policy so that Nidum can process certain information about you (such as identification, contact details, etc.) during the registration process. You agree that you are 18 years of age or older to use the services provided by Nidum.
  10. To access our Website you must accept the Privacy Policy so that Nidum can process certain information about you (such as identification, contact details, etc.) during the registration process. You agree that you are 18 years of age or older to use the services provided by Nidum.
  11. You agree that any information you provide will always be truthful, accurate and up to date. You agree that you are responsible for all content you send to any of the Nidum Websites.

  12. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

    Nidum owns or, as the case may be, has the corresponding licenses on the exploitation rights of intellectual and industrial property of the Web Site, as well as all the contents offered therein, including the platform itself, texts, photographs or illustrations, logos, trademarks, graphics, designs, interfaces, or any other information or content, and the services available through it.

    In no case will it be understood that access, navigation and use of the Website by the User implies a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such rights by Nidum.

    References to registered trademarks or trade names, or other distinctive signs, whether owned by Nidum or by third parties, implicitly prohibit their use without the consent of Nidum or their legitimate owners. At no time, unless expressly stated to the contrary, access to, browsing or use of the Website and/or its contents confers on the User any right over the distinctive signs included therein.

    All intellectual and industrial property rights over the contents of the Website are reserved and, in particular, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly communicate, transform or distribute, by any means and in any form, all or part of the contents included on the Website, for public or commercial purposes, without the prior express written authorisation of Nidum or, where applicable, of the holder of the corresponding rights.

    It is also forbidden to remove or manipulate the copyright indications or other credits that identify the owners of the rights of the contents that you find on the Web Site, as well as the technical protection devices, fingerprints, or any protection mechanism or information incorporated into the contents offered on the Web Site.

    In the event that you send information of any kind to Nidum through any of the channels enabled for this purpose, you declare, guarantee and accept that such information does not infringe any intellectual property rights, industrial, trade secret or any other rights of third parties, and that such information is not confidential or harmful to third parties. In any case, you assume responsibility for the information provided, leaving Nidum harmless from any damages that might be derived to third parties. Similarly, in the event that any User or third party considers that any of the contents of the Website owned by Nidum violates their intellectual property rights and / or industrial and any other rights, you must send a communication to with the following information:

    - Identifying data and means of contact of the claimant or its legal representative.

    - Documentation accrediting your status as owner of the rights allegedly infringed.

    - Detailed report of the rights allegedly infringed by Nidum, as well as their exact location within the Website.

    - Express statement by the claimant that the use of the contents has been made without the consent of the owner of the rights allegedly infringed.

    Special provisions applicable to the Software

    The software of Nidum has been developed by Nidum or for Nidum and is designed for the streamlining and management of the relative documentation carried by the Users of the platform. This software may vary depending on the device and the support, and its functions may also differ between devices. You acknowledge that use of the service may require software from third parties subject to licenses from such third parties. You agree that updated versions of the Nidum software and related third parties may be used automatically.

    You shall not modify, extract, or create derivative works from the object and/or source code, unless you are expressly authorized to do so.


    These Terms of Use regulate three types of links: (i) Links to the owner's channel in social networks; (ii) Links to websites owned by third parties; (iii) Links from websites owned by third parties to the Web Site of Nidum.

    Links to the owner's channel in social networks or insertion of videos in the Web Site

    Nidum makes available to Users means of link or inserted videos that allow Users to access the channels and pages of the Web Site that Nidum maintains on different platforms and social networks belonging to and/or managed by third parties (e.g. YouTube, etc.). The inclusion of these links on the Website has the sole purpose of facilitating Users' access to these channels on the different platforms and social networks.

    The establishment of these applications does not imply the existence of any relationship between Nidum and the owner, manufacturer or distributor of the linked platform, nor the acceptance and approval by Nidum of its content and / or services, being its owner, manufacturer or distributor the only responsible for them.

    In no case Nidum shares with Youtube or any other current or future social network any type of private information about its Users.

    Links to third party websites

    Nidum does not control or assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of third party websites.

    You acknowledge and agree that Nidum shall not be liable for any loss or damage that the User may incur as a result of the availability of such external websites or resources, or as a result of the credibility you attach to the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, products or other materials offered through such websites or resources. We encourage you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of any third party site or service you visit.

    Links from third party websites to the Web Site

    Nidum does not authorize the establishment of a link to the Web Site from those pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene or, in general, that contravene laws, morals or public order, or generally accepted social norms. Nidum has no power or human or technical means to know, control or approve all information, content, products or services provided by other websites that have established links to the Web Site. Therefore, Nidum does not assume any type of responsibility for any aspect related to the web page that establishes this link to the Web Site.

    Additional conditions of services provided by third parties.

    Some aspects of the services provided use third-party tools, which are subject to their own regulation, including but not limited to:

    - Google Maps: Some of the services provided by the platform implement the satellite location of Google Maps. You can access the terms and conditions of use of Google Maps in the following link:, and Google's Privacy Policy at the following link:

    - Stripe Payment: The platform allows the use of payment methods Stripe Payment Inc or its subsidiaries for Users to make payments and collections of leases. The use of Stripe Payment may include an additional fee or cost. The service for which payments and collections are made between Users is through Stripe Connect, which is subject to the 'Stripe Services Agreement'. In addition, by using Stripe Payment, the User agrees that he or she may not use this service for any of the 'Prohibited Businesses' listed. All regulations related to Stripe are available at the following link:

    - Mixpanel: The platform uses the services of Mixpanel, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries to collect all information related to the use that Users give to the platform. You allow the platform to collect the metadata generated by the User using Mixpanel technology, whose Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions can be found in the following link:

    - Disqus: The platform uses the services of Disqus Inc or any of its affiliates, so that any of the Users of that entity can make comments on platforms for the exchange of opinions. In the platform, in order to leave a comment it is necessary that it is made through some social network or through the profile of Disqus once accepted the 'Privacy Policy' of Disqus that is in the following link: and the 'Terms and Conditions' found in the following link:

    - Zendesk: The platform uses the services of Zendesk, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries to centralize the incidents that Users have on the platform. To access this service, the User must create a profile on the Zendesk platform once he/she has accepted its 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms and Conditions' which can be found on the following link:

    - Tiny: The platform uses the services of Ephox Corporation DBA Tiny Technologies Inc. or any of its subsidiaries for the elaboration of texts that can serve for the creation of contracts as a specific functionality of the Managing Users. You allow the platform to collect the User's data for identification in the use of the program, whose Privacy Policy can be found in the following link:

    Suspension of Website

    Nidum reserves the right to suspend any aspect of the Website at any time.

    Failure to comply with these Terms of Use will allow Nidum to remove and/or suspend its activity. Any suspicion of illegal, fraudulent or abusive activity may be grounds for terminating your relationship and may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Upon suspension or termination of your account, your right to use the Website will immediately cease.

    Furthermore, your failure to comply with these Terms of Use may result in Nidum taking any legal action necessary to exercise its rights or obligations and, if applicable, you will indemnify the owner or a third party for all damages caused by your conduct.


    If You choose to make payments on the Site, You agree to make all payments through a third party service that Nidum contracted to accept and process credit cards, debit cards and other types of card payments ('Payment Partner'). You may be required to register with our Payment Partner to use part of the Website. Nidum assumes no responsibility for the actions or services of our payment partner, as described in more detail at Follow the link below to learn more about our Subscription Policy.

    Electronic signature consent

    Before we can accept your personal information and allow you to sign and submit documents electronically, you must consider the following information and affirmatively agree to the following:

    - Your statements throughout any of the electronic processes will be recorded and will be part of your electronically signed documents. In addition, you allow the electronic signature, being auditable, to be sent to a third party auditor to perform a probative document that collects the electronic evidence generated during the signature process.

    - As part of the use of electronic signatures, you will be asked to sign the document from the e-mail that you provide as a way of contact to sign the document, and therefore do not share this e-mail with any third party in the rental relationship. You must maintain the confidentiality of your e-mail account and password, as it may be used to electronically sign additional documents.

    You may return to our Website at any time (using your login information) to review, save, and if necessary print the documents you electronically signed.

    - You have read and agree to the verification and security procedures in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

    - You acknowledge and agree that it is your obligation to inform us immediately of any change in your e-mail address (i.e., e-mail address);

    - You acknowledge and agree that it is your obligation to notify us immediately through our e-mail address in case you withdraw your consent to use electronic means for the use of the Services;

    - You allow a probative document to be made during the entire signature process, saving data such as the IP of the signature devices, Operating System, explorer, etc. in order for the electronic signature to comply with current regulations.

    - You acknowledge and agree that, in the event that a known person (whether a family member, household member or other third party) misappropriates any of the devices connected to your login to make the electronic signature and such misappropriation cannot reasonably be detected by us, we will have the right to treat all resulting electronic signatures as if they were made by you.

    Upon completion of the signature and acceptance of the Terms of Use, each of the contracting parties will receive a message that it has been signed correctly and the document will have been updated on the platform Nidum with the signature added.

    Responsibility and Guarantees

    The obligations and rights stipulated in the terms of the lease agreements linked through the use of the Website can only be modified according to the terms of that lease. In no event shall Nidum incur any right or obligation by reason of the lease agreement signed between the parties.

    It follows from these Terms of Use that Nidum does not guarantee and is not responsible for:

    - The continuity of the contents of the Website;

    - The absence of errors in said contents;

    - The absence of viruses and/or other harmful components in the Web Site or in the server that supplies it;

    - The invulnerability of the Web Site and/or the impossibility of violating the security measures adopted therein;

    - The lack of usefulness or performance of the contents of the Web Site; and

    - Damage or injury caused to himself or a third party, any person who violates the conditions, rules and instructions that Nidum establishes on the Website or through the violation of the security systems of the Website.

    - The technical reliability of its Web Site, nor access to its various pages, being likewise exonerated of all liability for damages of any nature that may arise from this cause.

    Nevertheless, Nidum declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of the art, to guarantee the operation of the Web Site and to reduce system errors to a minimum, both from a technical and legal and organisational point of view.

    If you have knowledge of the existence of any illegal content, illegal, contrary to law or could involve an infringement of rights of others, you must immediately notify Nidum so that it can proceed to the adoption of appropriate measures.

    Nidum will not be responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy or updating of the information published on the Web Site from sources outside the same and will not assume responsibility for any hypothetical damages that may arise from the use of such information.

    Nidum will carry out, as long as there are no circumstances that make it impossible or difficult to execute and as soon as it has news of the errors, disconnections and/or lack of updating of the contents, all those tasks tending to correct the errors, re-establish the communication and/or update the referred contents.


    You may retrieve, correct, update or delete your Personal Information by accessing your account in or by contacting us via email in . We will retain your information while the account is active or as necessary to provide services to you. We will also retain and use your information to fulfill our legal obligations.

    Privacy and data protection

    Privacy Policy In accordance with current legislation on Data Protection, all personal data provided during use of the Web Site will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy .

    Cookie Policy

    This Website uses cookies. See here our Cookies Policy.

    Dispute Resolution

    These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in each and every one of its extremes in accordance with Spanish law. You, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to you, submit, except in cases where the law provides otherwise, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain) for the resolution of any dispute that may arise over its interpretation, application and enforcement. 

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